Special “Pay What You Can” Coronavirus – COVID19 Communications for Business

(last update: 3-25-20, More Shelter in Place)

Businesses large and small across North America are struggling with changing conditions and temporary closure as a result of Coronavirus / COVID-19. To alleviate the burden of creating temporary closure, notices for shelter in place, and other related communications, we are offering all prepared statements and social media posts below in a simple “pay what you can” model. We will continue to add more statements in the future, so feel free to bookmark this page!

If you or your business cannot afford to pay, don’t worry, just use the statements but consider us in the future for your communications, social media, media creation needs or pass us along to a friend. 🙂

If you find value and want to help us during this unprecedented time (THANK YOU!) please click the “Tip Jar” PayPal link to send any amount you’d like in exchange for using these materials. Feel free to share links, but respectfully, we ask that you not repost, distribute, or use these statements in exchange for compensation to other businesses or clients.

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Coronavirus Communications by Category:

Full List of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communications: